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We help streamers find their audiences and enable new ways of interacting with them. We also produce our own entertaining content for everyone.

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Smart Widgets

Notifications about subscribers, donations, goals and much more.

Personalised Gaming Overlays

Display various useful information on live streams.

Unique functions

Voting, paid stickers, interactive quests and different interactions with viewers.

Types of widgets

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

1Sticker & Message donation alert

Shows the most recent donation to the audience in real time. Contains a message to the streamer with an optional purchasable sticker.

2New follower/subscriber alert

Shows the nickname of a person who recently followed (for free) or subscribed (for a pledge) to the streamer.

3Top donations

Shows the largest donation that was sent e.g. today or this month.

4Donation Goal

Shows the amount of money the streamer needs to get in order to reach his goal (e.g. to buy computer parts, headset etc.).